Open Water Diver Course

Azure Private Diving - Open water course

The Open Water Diver Course is the first step in becoming a certified diver.

We believe that proper knowledge, skills and experience are very important in helping divers build their confidence and feel at ease under water. As a confident diver you will be able to experience the fun and excitement of the underwater world in a whole different way. To really enjoy scuba diving you will need to become very comfortable with the equipment and the skills you will use.

Your private dive professional will take good care of you and give you all the attention you need during your training. It is our goal to ensure that you feel relaxed, enjoy yourself and have a lot of fun in a safe and secure environment.

Please note that the course is designed so that you can learn at your own pace and take either as little or as much time as is convenient for you to complete it and receive your certification.

Video of Your Course

We will make sure that your Open Water Diver Course is an experience to remember. We will create a high-definition video of your underwater training, which you will be able to access through the Azure Video Channel.

Become an Open Water Diver and explore with confidence!

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Open Water Diver Course includes the following

  • 6 to 8 academic sessions
  • 6 pool / confined water practice sessions
  • 4 to 6 dives in the open water / sea
  • Training materials (including online resources)
  • Your personal DiveLog (logbook)
  • Your private dive professional
  • Open Water Diver certification card
  • High-definition video

Duration: minimum 3 days
Price: 400 EUR

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Once you become a certified diver, you will be ready to explore the underwater world in a whole new way. Join us on a guided exploration dive with your private dive professional.