Azure Ambassador Loyalty Programme

Azure Loyalty Program

Become an Azure Ambassador!

By joining our customer loyalty programme and becoming an Azure Ambassador, you will earn points that can be exchanged for cash discounts.

How to Collect Points

Collecting points is easy. Find friends, family members or colleagues who would like to participate in a Try Scuba dive and refer them to us! For each person you refer you will receive 500 points. We will also give you 100 points as a thank you for joining our programme, so you can start collecting!

How to Redeem Points

Redeeming points is just as easy. Simply exchange your points for discounts on our services! For example, you may wish to receive a discount on your next dive with us or on your Open Water Diver Course. Decide how many points you wish to redeem and make your scuba diving adventures even more enjoyable.

Membership Level MINIMUM Points
Silver Ambassador 5.000
Gold Ambassador 15.000
Platinum Ambassador 50.000

Azure Ambassador Loyalty Programme

    • To join the programme, you need to register for it online
    • Once you sign up, you will automatically become a Member and earn 100 reward points
    • 100 reward points is equivalent to 1 EUR
    • You can collect points by referring Try Scuba customers to Azure
    • Each Try Scuba customer you refer to us is worth 500 points
    • You will need to collect a minimum of 5.000 points before you can start redeeming them
    • Please note that to earn points, the customers you refer need to have paid in full for their Try Scuba dive with us


Join us, become an Ambassador and enjoy your underwater adventures with Azure to the fullest!