I had a dream…

Since I was a little kid I’ve been dreaming of being able to live and breathe underwater. Water, anything and everything to do with water, attracted me like a magnet. Inspired by the popular cartoon “The Little Mermaid”, as a little girl I often imagined myself living in a beautiful city somewhere deep in the ocean. The legend of Atlantis and the adventures of Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo have always fascinated me and stirred my imagination. Cousteau’s expeditions on his famous research vessel Calypso and the popular TV series Flipper were a sure way to pin me in front of the TV for hours on end. Surprisingly, for many years I paid little attention to my passion for the sea – I simply liked to be in or near the water and that’s that.

Baby StepsDaria scuba diving

I learned to swim entirely by myself at the age of six, when my parents and I were still living in San Francisco, California. It was a truly liberating feeling, so liberating that my parents had to invent numerous tricks just to get me out of the swimming pool. Like many other kids I went on holidays with my parents to places where I could spend many hours splashing in the water and where they could enjoy a quiet day on the beach. I discovered Italy, Portugal, France, Canary Islands, Malaysia, Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Cuba. These were all exciting adventures.

I’ve spent most of my teenage and adult life living near the water: in Zurich, Switzerland – near the Zurich Lake, in Vancouver, Canada – on the Pacific Ocean shore, in Toronto – near the vast expanse of Lake Ontario and, finally, in Cyprus – on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Scuba Diving – A Hobby Turned into Passion

When I moved to Cyprus from Canada, I found a job and, like most of my friends, was spending my weekends on the beach, swimming and tanning under the Mediterranean sun. Then, one day, my friends invited me to try scuba diving. Although I liked to be in the water, I resisted the idea at first. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the sport and that it would turn into a real passion.

Soon I was diving every single weekend, making two dives a day. I joined the hustling and bustling community of divers who became close and cherished friends. Fun dives, barbeques, boat trips and other social activities – diving became a lifestyle. I was surrounded by people who shared the same interests, the same passion, the same fascination by the world that lies beneath the surface. Good times.

A Dream Come TrueDaria scuba diving 2

One day I realized that scuba diving was more than just a hobby – it became my true passion, so I decided to upgrade my skills and become a scuba diving instructor. I took this goal to heart and I pursued it. Two years later I made a 180-degree career change – I left my job in software consulting and IT project management and created Azure Private Diving. Now, I am a scuba diving instructor and I teach people how to dive. It gives me tremendous pleasure to share my passion for the sea with others, to inspire them to explore the wonders of the underwater world. It is so rewarding to see happy faces of customers when they come out from the dive, excited and ready for their next underwater adventure.

I had a dream, I found my true passion, and I’ve never felt happier. But my journey does not stop here…

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