Dive Sites in Cyprus

Cyprus offers an extensive choice of dive sites for divers of all experience levels. Whether you are looking to experience the thrill of a shipwreck or an underwater cave dive or take it easy and dive in from the shore, there are invariably enough dive site options to pick from. Our dive professionals are always available to take you on a guided underwater tour or advise you which dive sites to visit based on your interests and experience level. Below you can find information on a few of the most popular dive sites that Cyprus has to offer.

  • Green Bay dive site in Protaras Cyprus

    Green Bay

    Green Bay is located in Protaras and is a perfect dive site for beginner divers. Framed by rocky underwater landscape, it is characterized by easy shore access, clear blue waters abundant in fish, and an underwater sculpture park – a great place to take memorable photos.

    Experience level: Beginner
    Maximum depth: 10 metres
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  • Cyclops dive site in Protaras Cyprus


    Cyclops is located in Cape Greco, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus. Underwater cliffs, towers and slopes, sea grass fields, cave fish hiding in rock crevices, sandy plateaus, octopus, moray eel, and sea turtle sightings are a few of the numerous attractions that this dive site has to offer.

    Experience level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Maximum depth: 30 metres
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  • Caves dive site in Protaras Cyprus


    Located in Cape Greco, the Caves dive site offers one of the most thrilling scuba diving experiences on the island. Numerous water-filled tunnels and overhangs perforated by sun rays and home to all kinds of marine life are located at various depths and make diving at the Caves a fun and exciting experience for divers of all levels.

    Experience level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Maximum depth: 14 metres
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  • Zenobia Wreck Larnaca in Cyprus

    Zenobia Wreck

    Zenobia is considered the number one wreck to dive in the Mediterranean and one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world. Lying approximately one and a half kilometres off the coast of Larnaca, the ship is over 170 metres long and measures 12,000 tons in gross tonnage. Diving Zenobia is an experience no diver will ever forget.

    Experience level: Intermediate/Experienced
    Maximum depth: 42 metres
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  • Mimosa dive site in Protaras Cyprus


    Mimosa dive site is a quiet shallow bay popular with tourists visiting Protaras. Easily accessed from the shore, it is a perfect location for introduction dives and is regularly used as a training area for divers. The site’s topography makes it a really fun and easy place to dive, every time.

    Experience level: Beginner
    Maximum depth: 5 metres
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  • Alexandria Wreck Larnaca Cyprus

    Alexandria Wreck

    Alexandria wreck, located just half a kilometre away from the celebrated Zenobia wreck, is approximately 40 metres long and is home to many large fish. Although not nearly as large as Zenobia, it is no less breathtaking and makes for a thrilling dive with great photos and videos.

    Experience level: Intermediate/Experienced
    Maximum depth: 32 metres