DAN Diver Insurance Plan

By joining DAN you come aboard the world’s biggest diving medical assistance organization.
DAN is a global network, by your side wherever you go.
Azure Private Diving - DAN divers alert network
  • Over 180 DAN doctors, the best specialists in their respective countries, are at your disposal on a 24/7 basis to assist you in case of need.
  • Scientists and researchers of prestigious universities cooperate with DAN to make diving safer. With your membership fee you support DAN’s research activities.
  • Over 16.000 emergency calls are handled by DAN every year.
  • Hundreds of Hyperbaric chambers are included in the DAN network. They are all selected according to safety and reliability criteria.
  • A global network of diving lawyers are ready to offer you legal advice and to defend you if necessary.
  • By joining DAN you get the best diving insurance cover on the market.
  • Over 400.000 divers are DAN members.
By joining DAN you receive services of vital importance:
  • 24/7 worldwide medical assistance in the event of diving emergency
  • Diving specific insurance plans, valid all around the world
  • Organization of medical transportation and emergency repatriation
  • Coordination of hyperbaric medical treatment
  • Direct payment of medical and hospitalization costs, everywhere in the world
  • Medical advice and referral to medical specialists
  • Travel assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Convenient cover extensions for your family
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