Why scuba dive in Cyprus?

Diving in Cyprus

All popular scuba diving destinations around the world offer a unique underwater experience. Some are known for the abundance of marine life, others – for underwater caves and caverns, interesting wreck sites, azure waters, and other attractions. Cyprus, just like any other location in the world, is unique in its own way.

Zenobia wreck – one of the top dive sites in the world

Zenobia Wreck

Whenever one brings up the subject of the world’s top scuba diving destinations, the first diving spots that come to mind are the Red Sea, the Caribbean or the Great Barrier Reef. No doubt these are beautiful and fascinating places to explore as a scuba diver; however, not many people are aware of the exciting dive sites that the Island of Cyprus has to offer. And there are many that are definitely worth visiting!

One of such dive site is hands down the Zenobia shipwreck. Zenobia is considered the number one wreck to dive in the Mediterranean and one of the top ten wreck diving sites in the world. Lying approximately one and a half kilometers off the coast of Larnaca, one of the island’s ports, the ship is over 170 meters long and measures 12,000 tons in gross tonnage. Diving Zenobia is an experience no diver will ever forget.

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