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Neutral buoyancy – what, why and how

Neutral Buoyancy

A scuba diver’s ability to establish and maintain neutral buoyancy throughout the dive and with any equipment configuration is one of they key skills that any beginner diver should master. Being neutrally buoyant under water is what makes a diver feel confident, safe and gives him or her the opportunity to truly experience all the joys and beauty of the underwater world. Once neutral buoyancy becomes your second nature, your can take your scuba diving adventures to a whole new level.

Your lungs: scuba diving vs free diving

Balloons Underwater

Do you know what happens to your lungs when you take a breath and dive in with your mask and snorkel or what happens to the lungs of professional free divers who can stay underwater for minutes at a time on just one breath? What about when you take scuba gear with you and breathe compressed air throughout the dive? Two completely different processes are at play in each case and they show how truly amazing the human body is.

Decompression theory?

decompression theory

One of the most common things that aspiring scuba divers as well as people that are simply interested in the sport are wondering about is the idea of decompression and the effects that it can have on a diver’s body. It is true that every responsible diver should understand the basics of decompression theory and how to avoid decompression sickness.

A lot of literature has been written and research conducted on this matter dating back to the early 1900’s when the first famous scientific work on decompression theory was published by J.S. Haldane, a Scottish physiologist, and his colleague. Today, most dive computers and dive tables use the decompression model developed by Haldane to help divers plan safe and enjoyable dives.

I had a dream…

i had a dream

Since I was a little kid I’ve been dreaming of being able to live and breathe underwater. Water, anything and everything to do with water, attracted me like a magnet. Inspired by the popular cartoon “The Little Mermaid”, as a little girl I often imagined myself living in a beautiful city somewhere deep in the ocean. The legend of Atlantis and the adventures of Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo have always fascinated me and stirred my imagination. Cousteau’s expeditions on his famous research vessel Calypso and the popular TV series Flipper were a sure way to pin me in front of the TV for hours on end. Surprisingly, for many years I paid little attention to my passion for the sea – I simply liked to be in or near the water and that’s that.

Why try scuba diving?

Try Scuba

We were compelled to write this short article because many people ask us: Is scuba diving really for me? What does it take to try? Is it difficult?

Since we are a team of dive professionals who are truly passionate about scuba diving, you would surely expect us to say that scuba diving is definitely worth a try. And you would be right. We believe it is.

We believe it is worth your time not only because we are in love with the sport, but because we firmly believe that you will fall in love with it too. And if you don’t, you will undoubtedly remember your first scuba diving experience for the rest of your life!

Scuba diving myths demystified

Scuba Diving

Despite its popularity and appeal, the sport of scuba diving is nevertheless surrounded by numerous myths and misconceptions. These myths are often fuelled by mass media (think movies like Jaws) and are consequently spread through word-of-mouth.

So what are these scuba diving myths and what is really going on? Let’s demystify a few common ones.

A Truly Original Gift Idea

Try Scuba gift Voucher

Have you ever struggled to decide how to make a gift for a friend or a loved one truly memorable? If so, we have a perfect solution for you.

Give your friends or family a truly original gift. Show how much you love and appreciate them by offering them more than just a gift, but a unique experience that they will never forget!

Interesting facts about the underwater environment


Did you know that objects underwater, including their colours, do not appear the same as on the surface or that sound travels faster through water than through air? Have you ever wondered why scuba divers wear exposure suits, e.g. wet suits or dry suits?

The underwater environment offers unique experiences to divers, but at the same time presents them with a number of surprising challenges. Below are just a few examples.

Breathing gas mixtures for scuba divers

Air Molecule

Breathing underwater is a unique experience for every scuba diver. At first, breathing through the regulator in your mouth may feel a bit strange and unusual; however, as you gain more experience, breathing compressed gases from your cylinder will become second nature. So which gases do scuba divers actually breathe underwater?

Why scuba dive in Cyprus?

Diving in Cyprus

All popular scuba diving destinations around the world offer a unique underwater experience. Some are known for the abundance of marine life, others – for underwater caves and caverns, interesting wreck sites, azure waters, and other attractions. Cyprus, just like any other location in the world, is unique in its own way.