Azure Private Diving

Azure Private Diving

Azure Private Diving was founded by two avid professional scuba divers who have a passion for the sea. Over the years this passion grew into more than a simple desire to explore the underwater world on our own but to share this passion with others and inspire them to become fellow scuba divers.

As human beings we know more about outer space than we do about the depths of our seas and oceans. Every time we scuba dive, we discover something new and experience a feeling of awe. It is with the hope of being able to share these experiences with others that Azure Private Diving came to life.

The word Azure in our company’s name signifies the clear blue colour of the sea and Private Diving stands for what we aim to be – your trusted private dive professionals.

Our Vision and Standards

Our goal is to provide an ultimate diving experience to clients that are looking for top quality personalized service catered to their unique needs. Whether you are already a scuba diver or never tried diving before, we are able to offer an individual service package designed specifically for you, assisted by your private dive professional.

We work in affiliation with SSI (Scuba Schools International), one of the few diver training agencies that qualified for a Global ISO Certification and that is represented in over 100 countries, has over 2,500 international locations and provides training materials in more than 30 languages.

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Management Team

  • Daria Mavrenkova - Dive Professional

    SSI Dive Professional : 66911
    DAN Membership : 527759

    Dive Pro Credentials
  • Stephane Horta - Dive Professional

    SSI Dive Professional : 60794
    DAN Membership : 420934

    Dive Pro Credentials