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  • Azure Private Diving - Try Scuba Diving

    Try Scuba

    Try Scuba is a great way to start your scuba diving adventure. If you never tried scuba diving before, Try Scuba is a fun and easy way to get a feel for what it is really like. With the help of your well trained private dive professional you will feel just as comfortable and confident under water as on the surface and will be ready to discover a whole new world.

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  • Azure Private Diving - Open Water Diver Course

    Open Water Diver Course

    The course is the first step in becoming a certified diver. The Open Water Diver certification will allow you to truly enjoy your scuba diving adventures anywhere in the world without having to be accompanied by a dive professional. During the course you will acquire important knowledge and learn all the key skills and techniques to become a confident diver.

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  • Azure Private Diving - Guided Diving and Trips

    Guided Diving

    Guided diving is a fun way to explore exciting dive sites. Discover captivating dive sites with your own private dive guide. Explore underwater caves, shipwrecks, drops and cliffs, sculpture parks, and more. If you are a certified diver with relevant experience, our dive professionals will organize an exciting and memorable scuba diving adventure for you.

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